My Mission Letter

It’s been two years since I went to Haiti for my first international mission trip. At the time, I felt I had gained an invaluable amount of knowledge and understanding of humanity as a whole. On one hand, poverty and hunger were abundant. There were many instances where the term “culture shock” defined the experience. On the other hand, I surprisingly noticed a sense of community, hope and faith. We witnessed wild miracles in the Wesleyan Mission Emergency Room and there were several situations during my stay where the Lord’s direction and underlying plans produced incomprehensible outcomes.

These experiences have stuck with me to this day and are used to reflect on and stabilize my current life activities, especially when things end up spiraling in an unknown direction. Now that I am in college, life has essentially presented me with it’s own “culture shock”. Challenges and unexpected circumstances have pushed me to grow up much quicker than I had planned. A thousand miles (1023 to be exact) is a long way to be from the best family this world has ever seen. I am quick to realize how dependent I was on the little things my family has done for me and how easily I overlooked those small acts of love.

It is often said that when you attend a mission trip to help others in need, the person that ends up being helped the most is yourself. I confess this was my experience and feel I have been called to go back and reunite with the Haitian citizens this summer to foster the hope and faith within their community that has helped me with my life. We are truly all part of the same family of God.

Speaking of family, I am pleased to announce that my dad has expressed his interest in going with me. I was so excited when he asked if he could go. It will be great opportunity for both of us to grow spiritually and culturally. Third world medicine is an entirely different scenario than the westernized version he’s been exposed to his entire life and he is excited to share experiences with the medical providers in the community.

Our trip is planned for June 19-26, 2016. The total cost for our father-daughter team to go is $4500.00. We will be travelling with a team of physicians, health care providers and high school students. In addition to medical care and education, we will be providing community service to ancillary facilities in need.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us with a monetary donation towards our goal? You can give your tax–deductible donation by check or credit card through the sponsoring church website -Click Here -> Ways to Give  Our target date to raise our entire funding goal is May 1, 2016. If you cannot give financially, we would simply ask that you give through prayer for us and our team during the planning, execution and return phases of our adventure.

Thank you ever so much for your contribution!

In His Love,

Megan Percy


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